Renter’s Responsibilities

Renters shall be responsible for scheduling any vendors required for catering, baking, flowers or other services.

Renters shall be responsible for scheduling any sound system, music, or other forms of entertainment.

Renters shall be required to purchase event insurance as provided in the Rental Agreement.

Renters shall be responsible for the behavior of their guests and for excluding others that were not invited. If any guests are not behaving appropriately, as determined solely by The Monarch Venue, we reserve the right to ask the guest to leave and/or terminate the event early.

Renters shall be responsible for clean up. Clean up means that all trash must be in trash bins, all tables must be cleared of all dishes, trash, linens, utensils, etc., all chairs must be stacked, and all floors must be swept. For an additional cleaning fee, The Monarch will do the clean-up.

The Monarch Venue encourages, but does not require, renters to provide security by hiring off-duty police officers for the larger events where alcoholic beverages are being served.

Renters shall be responsible for paying any vendors that provide services related to the scheduled event and shall agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Monarch Venue, LLC.

Renters are encouraged to hire a wedding planner or coordinator. The Monarch Venue does not provide a wedding coordinator. Our venue coordinator is there to ensure all venue related services are functioning properly and running smoothly for you and your guests.